iSail Whitsundays 2018 Contender World Championships

iSail Whitsundays
Soho Lawyers
Mark Bulka - World Champion
Race 3 - Start
Windward Mark Carnage


McCrae Yacht Club hosted arguably the best ever World Championships in Australia in January 2018, from the 16th through to January 25th.
Mark Bulka (AUS2457) from McCrae YC prevailed over Jason Beebe (AUS2482) - both from Australia and both previous title holders - and 7 time World Champion Andrea Bonezzi from Italy in 3rd.
A massive thank you to iSail Whitsundays for sponsoring the 2018 Contender World Championships!

Soho Lawyers were the major sponsor for the 2018 Contender Australian Championships lead up regatta.

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